Yes, we are GMP accredited by the well-known TUV certification body.

We offer turnkey production, or we can use the formulation and components provided by the customer, provided that they have passed the preliminary stability control to ensure their compatibility in the aerosol format and are equipped with a full package of documents on material safety.

Full development of a new product requires formulation stability tests, which on average extend the launch time by 12 weeks.

Yes, we offer our partners a full service-from the creation of a new formula to the successful launch of a new product on the market.

Yes, we are accredited to ISO 14000.

This directly depends on the minimum number of tin cans that our suppliers can print at the same time-it is 25 thousand units. However, in some cases, we meet our partners halfway and agree to split this number into deliveries of 12.5 thousand cylinders with the possibility of filling the remaining cylinders in 12 weeks (for example, in the case of a new product launch).

It is a liquefied hydrocarbon propellant, a mixture of propane-butanes, which is completely harmless to the ozone layer of the planet's atmosphere.

Our lead times depend mainly on suppliers of raw materials and components, however, a well-balanced supply chain allows us to fulfill orders within 8 to 10 weeks.